DSC 1 in Watton Norfolk

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hi im new to the forum and have been reading posts for a while now whilst doing research into a few things regarding my next move with getting into stalking.
i am looking to book up the dsc 1 course at Watton in Norfolk this October and was wondering if anyone could tell me their experiences at this centre?
i have no idea what to expect in regards to a good place to look for accommodation. When i book up via the the BDS is a place recommended where most people on the course stay or do i have to find it myself?
if there is anything else that you think would be useful to know about taking part in this course at Watton please let me know.
thanks for any help in advance

James :)

Richard Parsons

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Hi There,

I took DSC1 last year with BDS and found it very good. You will learn a huge ammount of fascinating info , and if you leave time to study and practice your shooting you should have no problems being successful.
Good luck!

Roe Hunter

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Hi Jim

I did my DSC1 last year, and am very glad I did it.

One thing I would suggest if you are relatively new to deer stalking, is to do as much preparatory work as possible before doing the course. That way you are not as pressured to learn huge amounts over the few days of the course.

Some ideas:

1. Get the Deer Quest CD - that gives you all the general multiple choice questions to practice on before the course / test. When I got mine, it didn't inlcude the new sectiosn on hygiene etc to give the 'Trained Hunter' qualification, but I did a load of research on the 'net, and made up my own MS Excel based learning tool to test msyelf on the hygiene questions - if you are interested in it, send me a PM.

2. If you're not brilliant at identifying the various species get the DVD from BDS entitled something like 'Britiains Deer'

3. Practice your shooting before you go, in all 3 positions (bipods / sticks allowed) at the ranges used in the tests. I have been told that a high proportion of the test failures are on the shooting test.

Best wishes for your DSC1



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Hi Jim,
Welcome to the site. I did my DSC 10 years ago so I can't help you on that score. I can however suggest that you ask the BDS organisers to recommend a B&B or hotel that candidates have used on previous courses, that way you can get to socialise with fellow DSC candidates and gain from each others experiences and friendships. You will meet a lot of good folk on your course, don't forget to tell them about this site! :lol:


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just done my level 1 at criggillon speak to CherylSeymour at BDS ADMIN a real star and very knowledgeable , sorted my niggles out in a trounce , no mucking about. good luck ! just make sure that any deerquest cds you get are current !!! legislation has changed slightly , regarding min
calibre for deer in england and wales!! . Just ask and sure she will come up with a reasonable answer.
cheers Trapper
Hi There,

I have just finished my DSC1 course at Watton this April. The instructor there is an absolute legend he is extremely enthusiastic about deer managment and between him and the assistant instructor they will guide you through absolutely everything you could possibly need to know. I had a couple of questions before the course and he was massively helpful and got me and the rest of the class through the course easy! It was a fantastic course and I would gladly do it again.
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