DSC 1 Shooting Test.

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I appologise, I'm sure this will have been covered before but I can't find the post if it has.

I have my DSC in 10 Days, I have read and read till my eyes bleed, I test myself on the Deer Quest CD, Constantly getting over 90%. Some of the ones I get wrong are a result of the CD not the latest edition which has the updated regs from Oct 07. Not a problem as I know they will be wrong but I need to put an answer into the computer to progress.

The question I have is-

For the shooting test, can I use Reloaded Ammo? If not why not? I have no factory ammo now for my .243 only reloaded ammo. As I am now rezeroed with factory ammo, therefor not needing to zero on the day.

There is nothing in the joining instructions that say factory ammo MUST be used. If this is the case, they recommend atleast 40 rounds taken on the day, that's over £50 for a course that's already cost £275.




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I will be bringing this point up on the "End of course debrief" even if they don't have one...This information needs to be published with the course joining instructions. I'm doing my course reasonably local so I know where the dealers are to get ammo, the problem with that is, no time to get it, I will be travelling from 0730 and returning anytime after 6pm.

What if they have none in stock. This is the primary reason I started reloading, constant supply. Then of course, if they have got the ammo, depending on what they have, you can pay between £20-£40 if they only have silver tips in...

Cheers 300wsm


Heym SR20

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When I did mine they just wanted you to use your everyday rifle and ammo. And in terms of rests, supports etc - the criteria was if you use it for stalking, you can use it on the range. And if you wanted to use a full shooting bench, then you would need to carry it first up the hill (2,000ft) to demonstrate that this was a usuable peice of your every day kit.

In terms of home loaded ammo our course instructor loaded up lots of ammo for those who were using his rifle which was available to those who didn't have an appropriate weapon.

Unless specifically instructed that you MUST use factory ammo, I would n't ask the question. If your rifle and ammo is shooting well and you have confidence in it - don't change a thing.

The shooting test is actually pretty simple and does NOT require any spectacular feats of shooting. Provided you can group 3 rounds into a four inch circle at 100 yds you should be fine. Do check the Deer target you are using and clearly understand where the scoring bits are - it is actually pretty low down and forward on the beast.

I remember when I did, the best score was posted by a lady firearms liason officer who was doing the course to find out more about deerstalking - she had never fired a rifle prior to the day of the test and just followed instructions to the letter.

Those who had problems were:

1) a couple of experienced shots who fiddled with their rifles over the few days before ( ie pulled the action out of the stock, gave it a good clean, changed the zero, changed ammo etc).

2) those who had borrowed a rifle specifically for the shooting test.

3) those who had installed a bipod when they don't normally use one etc. and equally came unstuck.

4) who hadn't appreciated how low on the target the vital zone is - there were a couplde of experience stalkers who tend to shoot at long range on the hill who had their rifle sighted to 250yds and put all their shots above the vital zone.

The response from the assessors on the was along the lines of don't blame the equipment - if that had been a real live animal. it would now be wounded and not dead.

My advice is to just take your time, relax and enjoy the day.

Good luck



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Hi TJ,

I completed my DSC1 in April. You were allowed to use reloads - you just had to advise the instructors you were doing so.



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i would think you would be fine tj,they never asked me when i did mine.one lad used a .222 nearly 3 years ago and nothing was said.good luck with it mate im sure you will fly it.

Richard Parsons

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I did my DSC1 last year with the BDS and I was told by the instructor prior to attending I could use reloads or factory but they must be expanding.


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the week before ! I HAD A NEW BATCH OF AMMO and I WAS PANTS,2" at 100, **** myself!!! . If you have a new batch of ammo check zero prior to shoot if possible , there may be some change. get em tiger., Trapper

Tikka 260

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FWIW..... When I did DSC1 with Highland Branch BDS I used reloads in the 7x57, not a problem on the day.

Ditto at the recent Deer Management Course Shooting test at Wadhurst with the .260. Not a problem either.

Several of the Guys used reloads.

Also, if I am not stating the blindingly obvious, you may notice that the '10' ring on the BDS Roe Buck Target is somewhat further to the rear of the beast than one would normally shoot a real one, so aim for the brown bit that looks like 'England' .

:D :D :D

Best of Luck on the day


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I used reloads and i took my 3 rifles and loads of ammunition so other guys on the course could borrow them if they required.


good luck, you will nail it

Tikka 260

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The 'Advanced Shooting Test' requires everything to be inside the '7' ring on the Roe Buck so, one needs to be fairly careful. The shooting is not difficult as such, BUT it is sweaty under pressure.

The 2 shots at the fallow/hind at 150m are straightforward and so are the 2 shots from 100m prone or from the high seat. The 1 off the fence post at 100m is awkward unless you ve practiced it.

For my money, the tricky ones are the 2 at 75metres, one off the post and one sitting or kneeling within 15secs. The last 2 at 50m rapid fire within 20 secs, are OK if you have sorted out your stick drills beforehand.

After a fumbled first attempt due to my bipod collapsing at the prone 100m shot ( duhhhhhh check your gear !) I made a second go at the Roe and it came together allright.

The course was interesting, well presented IMHO, and of value to most who have any interest in deer apart from just killing them.

I havent had a result yet as it was only 2 weeks ago, but I have my fingers crossed for success.

Wadhurst is a good venue for the SE England and gives a chance to see a side of Deer management that is not open to most of the course participants, and there are LOTS of Deer to see!


The Mole

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On the new black target, go up ther centre of the front leg and halfway up the body. You'll have no problems TJ.

As for reloads - can't see that there's any problem, as long as you are using the rifle they were loaded for. As if anyone will check anyway!

Tikka 260

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Ahhhhh I did all my practice at Cowdray , mainly with Barry ... as I am one of the Team there, these days.

Wadhurst 'range' was easier as it is level and grass ... :)



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I ain't going to ask or mention that I use reloaded cases......If they ask though I will say.

What you don't know won't hurt you......

Hopefully there are no DSC 1 instructors on here who are running a course next week :rolleyes:

If there are, my name is eerrmm Jock McTavish from errmm Up North in errmm Scotland.... Somewhere.... ;)
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