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Hello All.

I pulled out of my DSC 1 Cse in March hoping to get it done by other mean, this is still possable, but it is going to take longer than I thought so I am looking at getting it done civvi, again....

What I am wondering, Can I apply to just do the Exam? (I know I can just do the assesments at the end of a course if I wished) To explain, Can I or a AW apply for the exam papers I pay the Assesment Fee and sit and do the papers and then do the Shooting test at a suitable venue while under exam conditions?

The reason I ask is that the 4 day course costs between £280 and £330, if you don't get one local to where you live, you have the added cost of traveling to the course, paying for accommodation and food, this will add a total of anywheere between £150-£250 onto the course, making it a very expencive course to do...

If a AW is suitable to assess you while out Stalking and the follow up of the shot, they should be suitable to sit in a room with a Student or Students while they carryout their exam.

At the end of the Exam the papers get collected and then sent off to the Exam marking board.

Job Done!!

Anybody know if this is possable?

Cheers in Advance.



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Not Possible - not enough money in it for BDS/BASC!
Apart from that there are too many variables.
You should be able to do it thro the MOD and claim Learning Credits.
Also, being a serving soldier, you should be able to get subsidised accomodation charges if the course is done on a Military Establishment.
300WSM will/may be able to give you more up to date info.


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Doesn't the distance leraning program run roughly along these lines?

A guy joined our course only on the exam day and at the venue convenient to him (i think he lived in Essex but was working in Scotland)


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The distance learning is basically the book on line with tests throughout the course then you can just go to an assesment centre that is doing the course and sit the exam on the last day. The exam isn't the problem, it's the location that I am looking at.



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Yes you can or at least could just sit the exam and test through BASC.
That is the way that I did the DSC1.
I contacted an examiner through BASC knowing that I should have sufficient knowledge to pass the exam and tests, having stalked for a considerable number of years previously.
The exam was arranged so that I joined a number of new stalkers at the end of their 4 day course, they having paid out a large wad of cash to a commercial outfit. This caused a great deal of upset to some of them as I passed and three of them failed, this was inspite of them being given more than one oportunity at several of the elements.
You could if you wish gather a number of interested persons together and arrange your own exam and test but you will need a suitable venue and make the arrangements through BASC or BDS for a qualified person to conduct the exam, this arrangement will work out the cheapest.


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Hi Everyone,

Cheers for the info, I will speak to Malford Mill tomorrow, I have emailed various "Agencies" about DSC 1 Dates etc but knowone has replied. It surprises me as there is money to be made by running the course as all who have done it will be aware.

I want to get this done out the way for the Doe Season Starting so I can get my portfolio started for my Level 2.

Sparshot College are getting a call in the morning to see when/if they are running the course....

I can't see the logic behind the "Open to accusations", a level 2 can be "Credible Witness" for 2 Stalks, which is dealing with live quarry, the before, during and after of a shot being fired and an "Accredited Witness" needs to do only one, you would think that an AW is more than competent to "Sit in" on an Exam, they are not at the end of the day going to run the risk of discrediting their name, I certinally wouldn't if I was a AW. Surely this would then put Level 2 "AW" Stalks open to accusations, would it not? Especially as most AW Stalks will be with someone the L2 Candidate knows.....

Anyway, I though I would ask, the general consensus is no, so cheers for putting me straight.



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Hi Tartin,
I did my course in Cornwall; all the instructors were ex Royal Marine and Army. You could get accommodation at HMS Drake or HMS Raleigh Navy Barracks. The best person to speak to is Mike Butler BDS Officer based down that part of the country or Ian Berry, who is the Mount Edgecombe Estate Manager.


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Cheers for all the positive input from everyone, looking good for a course in July, just down the road. Just need to clear it through work.....
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