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Hi all,

I’ve paid a deposit and booked on a dsc1 this April in Devon (it may/may not go ahead) I have the training manual but I’m really struggling to take the information in, is there an online version with with mock questions I can go to?
Any help really appreciated

Friendly Boar

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been a while and I know things change but I did find David Strettons (Donington Deer Management) vid's and manuals very useful

Jason Page

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I used:

...I found it very helpful and I think it might be what you are looking for.

One other thing to add: don’t panic! You haven’t even started your face-to-face training yet. I think you will find things start to fall into place as soon as you do. Trying to pass the assessment by just reading the manual, while it may be possible, certainly won’t be easy.
I have a PDF version of the questions and I have marked the answers as I found them in the manual. It takes a lot of hunting to find the answers and really makes you read it which is great for me.. I am slightly nerdy like that though.
If you DM me I can send you the marked up PDF. I am missing a few as still not found them.

ALSO note the shooting test will be changing as of 1st April this year. Good write up on the changes in the BASC mag this month but basically. 2 shots 100m prone (centre mass kill zone) 2 shots 70m sitting/kneeeling/standing your choice (centre mass kill zone) 2 shots 10-20m standing (head kill zone). and you have to wear safety glasses for the 10-20m standing shots. The glasses are an obvious saftety thing at that range. distance between 10 and 20m is dependent on the backstop where you are shooting and seems to have been introduced to simulate Humane Dispatch.
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