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Evening all, just a quick one as I'm absolutely shattered! Today was the first day of my sponsored level one ( as the title suggests) with Carlton Moor Range. So the day-after an early start for a student- I drove up to the farm, the sat nav as ever was rubbish so I was relived to see the deer fencing and the yard to signify my arrival.

Walking through the door mike was on hand to offer a welcome and thrust a cup of coffee into my hand :D, I was then introduced to Pete who would be taking the course as well as the other participants all of which are friendly (I'm assuming there reading this :lol:). The first lecture so to speak was a quick run through of the structure of the level one and how things work, we rapidly moved n to firearms law, where we were taken through all the laws step by step being explained in lay and terms instead of the law speak we all hate!

After lunch a quick video on carcass inspection etc and then we kicked off with the hygiene section where things where again explained thoroughly and any questions where answered fully. Around four o'clock Pete finished up for the day, while mike invited us all to use his range for a practice session. How to describe his range..... The simplest way I could think of was ' I want one' over the next few hours all those that wanted to stay had expert tuition from mike, I must say a big thank you to him for helping me zero my tikka proving that it wasn't my shooting ( for once!!!). Just before we packed up those that stayed had the chance to shoot from sticks- which was a first for all- unfortunately it was at 100 yards but mikes Ethos that if you can do it at 100 it will be flaming easy at 40 seems to stand true, only Sunday will tell on that one.

Once again I'd like to thank mike and Pete for the teaching today and John for organising it all, plus everyone else that has made the sponsorship possible, I'm truly thank full :) if I pass come Sunday ( should say when I thinking positive) I plan to put the money I had saved ( about halve the fees) towards my first stalk so stand by mike :)

Anyway that's One tired Tarkan out for this evening ill let you know how tomorrow goes tomorrow :)
It sounded like you enjoyed it. Stop that immediately its supposed to be about.... sorry. sorry lapsed onto other thread syndrome there :D

Thank you for the report - I genuinely think such feedback from the clients rather than the providers is very useful for others. :tiphat:

​Good luck today.