Available: DSC Lev 1 Course - Central Scotland

DMQ DSC LEV 1 - Central Scotland
Having received a few enquires about our next course we are offering a weekend course over 24/25 August 2019.
The venue will be on Harburn Estate, West Lothian and the assessor will be Andrew Treadaway.
The course will include registration, lectures, assessments, pre course study material, lunch on the Saturday and as much tea/coffee as you can drink. Cost will be £200.
Interested, send me a pm.


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Just like to thank Alex, Stevie and Andrew for a thoroughly enjoyable weekend doing the DSC1 course. All three are accomplished stalkers and present the course in a relaxed manner. Would highly recommend this course to anyone. Make sure you read all of the material Alex sends you first, as it makes like a bit easier.


Likewise, really good couple of days with Alex, Stevie and Andrew making it enjoyable (if classroom learning can be described as such a thing) and keeping your focus throughout the different modules. Mind to bring water and a hat during the practical part of the course, it was hot at the top of that hill.