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dsc L2 going to shoot a (hopfully) hind for my first cull of the port folio in a couple of weeks any tips on what i realy need to read up on and what i will have to know (and remember)

thanks in advance.



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I have not done mine yet, but lot's of people apparently don't contact their assessor and ask him/her exactly what they want.


If you are only two weeks away and already booked up i am sure you will already now how to do every thing. If its the open hill normally you will leave you gun in the slip .Ask as many question as you can about what the stalker wants shot off his ground make sure you are well versed in his way of thinking regards deer management . After the stalk starts you should not ask him any question at all .Gun safety should be at the top of your list it seems to go down hill sometimes in the rush of excitement after a successful stalk.


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Look at your portfolio. In there should be example questions that you may get, or at least the topics that you will be required to know about. On top of that you are then looking at what I consider experience/knowledge on the deer that you are going out for. But the AW should also be looking at things like safety, when you have a bullet in the chamber, when the safety is removed. There is a whole multitude of things, but this is where the DSC 2 lets itself down. It is practically impossible for anyone to pass the DSC 2 without previous practical experience.
Also, try to be yourself on the day and enjoy yourself as a AW should be able to ask many of the questions during conversation and not make you feel like you are under a spotlight.

Hope this helps.

If you need to go through it more detailed, then send me a PM and I will give you a contact number for me.



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when you eventually go to get yours done, give me a call and I will be your AW if required.



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Two things that really caught me.
First is that the gralloch suddenly gets much more difficult when you are being watched.
The second is that your mind can go blank when questionned, so revise your DSC1. More than that if you give a narrative to your witness when you are doing the gralloch etc it preempts him/her and demonstrates knowledge. ie "I am checking hooves for foot and mouth, a notifiable disease" etc.
It also helps guide the questions a bit.
Last off, take pictures for your portfolio, it all helps

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As a Accredited Witness the things for me are .
when I meet a client I let them know what I'm looking for the main thing is:
TO BE AT EASE ITS NOT A TEST you cannot fail there's nothing to fail its a day out stalking as fast or as slow as you like no one is there to catch you out.
Rifle ,Ammunition.
Correctly zeroed rifle.
Ground hazards.
Equipment carried.
Use of aids such as bino's .( there use )
Species identification.
Reaction to deer .knowledge of species .
Taking the shot .
Reaction to shot deer . (both client and deer any follow up)
Safety when gralloching. (rifle)
Safety when gralloching. (knife)
Follow up wounded deer.( what your looking for signs)
Larder work .(knifes safety contamination hygiene )
Inspection of carcass. ( lymph nodes ,glands)
Waste disposal.
Storage preparation.
Cull records .
check through your portfolio run the questions by yourself that way there's no surprises .
we can't remember everything be at ease thats the main thing .
Any problems Pm a phone number me I'll do my best to answer them .