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hi fellas.

my family life and work situation are finally allowing me to take the DSC1,

Can anyone point me at any training resources?

I am waiting to hear back from the BASC as to where the courses are this year "up north".

Does anyone know of any courses around my area (County Durham)?

thanks for any help with this.


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If you can sourse a Deer Quest CD it helps, it is out of date now and no longer produced, (was made prior to Oct 07) The Deer Seasons on it are incorrect and so is the section that covers LEGAL deer calibers. So long as you are aware of this it's not a problem.

The Meat Handling/Hygiene questions are "Common Sense", but still read the section in the DSC 1 training manual.

The practicle rifle assessment is reasonably straight forward, just be aware of "Your" bad habbits. I have some, as I'm sure some others on here have. (crossing a fence comes to mind for me). So long as you do what the book says, you will be fine.

I didn't think it was a hard course, but you do need read the book and if you do the whole course, not just the test days, ask as many questions as you like, remember, if your thinking of it, someone else will be also.

There will be experienced people on the course as there was on mine and total novices, knowone knows everything but with an open forum course like mine was, everyone passed on what experience they had from open hill stalking to woodland stalking to taking the shot to shot reaction, carcass handling, law the whole "Shabang".

My course was very well run and the instructors were all passionate about Stalking and were there to answer all questions, or they found out the answers if they didn't know off hand.

Enjoy it and relax into it, don't be worried about the tests.

Good Luck



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The BDS do (or did) the DSC1 up in your neck of the woods on some military ground I think.

The other option is Jon Snowdon(?) of Greenlees. www.greenleedeer.co.uk/deer_management_courses.htm

He seemed keener if you were going to stay over rather than travel in each day.

I did mine with Dave Stretton of Donnington (BASC) and he was spot on. I did it online and then travelled down for the assessment day. Didnt mind the travel as he was excellent. He also offers the course in a single hit of 3 or 4 days together if you want to get it out the way.

Best of British


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Thanks for the replies fellas..

I think Greenlees is the best bet, its only 45 minutes drive from my house.

I have emailed them asking for availability...

I cant find any mention of Deer Quest CD, has anyone got any ideas where I might pick up a copy?

thanks for your help


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If you send me a pm with your address I will post you a copy. Excellent learning tool although as already mentioned out of date in some areas.


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Did my course with John Snowden in March. Friday lunchtime start and all done by Sunday lunch. Two guys travelled up from Newcastle everyday.

Excellent setup and handling of the course.



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I found on a lot of the courses I was involved in earlier on , the biggest problem was people not checking rifles prior to arriving at the course.
especially hill stalkers who had rifles shooting 4-5"'s high at 100yrds.

The course should be enjoyable and if you do the ground work before hand the actual assessments shouldn't be a problem.

Good Luck

The Mole

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SteveOh said:
I cant find any mention of Deer Quest CD, has anyone got any ideas where I might pick up a copy?
BDS might have some old stock - might be worth giving them a call.


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I've managed to a Deer Quest CD ... thanks fellas... :)

"bambislayer" Good point... I will definitely be checking my zero before I turn up on the day...