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Has any one got the manuals for the DSC1 course, A friend wishes to obtain one.

Thought I would ask here first

Regards Poddle


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I have a copy but I have marked up some of it and it is a bit dog eared, was going to keep it for future referance but happy to lend it out for a while possibly

2428 miles

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Are you not sent a copy when you book and pay??

considering it contains the bulk of the information of the course, i am surprised its not included in the £285 fee.

The Mole

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Who did you do the course with? I know that BDS include the manual in the price, not sure if BASC do as well.


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Best bet is to buy direct from the BDS....you're unlikely to get a current addition matey - only the most recent prints are up to date with the most recent changes to law.

I'll need to get one myself - foolishly lent mine to my father who swears blind that he gave it back...thieving bugger!

At the risk of sounding lame, i still like to leaf through it occassionally.
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