DSC1 Next Month - Safety Test

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Just a quick question.

I'm doing my DSC1 next month and have just been revising the safety test bit. Am I right in thinking that the test is a conversation of sorts, where you have to mention the points in the safety questions sheet. Or, do you simply have to recite the answers when you're asked the questions? It's just I know the stuff, or seem to, but sometimes I miss the really obvious stuff like "don't go hill stalking in winter in shorts and a t-shirt" (i.e. preparation for hill stalk includes choosing appropriate warm, waterproof clothing). It's so obvious as to be fatuous, but I'm worried I'm going to trip up on those questions because I won't think of the stupidly obvious things as well as the more "normal" considerations that one would actually expend conscious effort thinking about.

Not trying to say I'm better than anyone else, but if I fail it this will be how - I just don't seem to think in a stepwise fashion.



Irish Bob

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I think you are talking about the simulated stalk.

It is part question and answer and part conversation.

Questions are things like "what are the advantages of using a high seat?"

Conversation would be "I am now unloading the rifle to cross the obstacle".

It's basically a walk round with questions but you talk the assessor through what you are doing and why.


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Hi Bob,

Thanks for your reply.

I think I hadn't quite grasped the extent of the simulated stalk - I was under the impression that the four deer targets were part of it, but that the stuff referred to in the "safety question bank" would be basically question and answer - it's useful to know that it all has to be done together.

Presumably the conversational stuff - i.e. crossing obstacles - is reasonably clear cut? I.e. the obstacle will be a 4' high two bar fence, not a 9" dry ditch that you could walk through / step over if you chose to etc?

Thanks for anything you / others can tell me,



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Are you doing the full course or just the assessment? If it's the full course I'm sure it will all be covered.
That's what I'm hoping for as I sit mine at the end of September.


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How mine went.
Nice rifle, can I see it- Prove empty etc
Four deer targets in different locations, would you shoot at that?, No, Why? x4
demonstrate how to cross an obstacle
The remainder where just explanations of scenarios, blocked barrel, stalking in heavy cover,carrying rifle for hill stalk, stalking with others, what to pack as safety kit for a highland stalk etc
You can't be too safe, when I removed my rifle to show him the bolt was already removed from the rifle (thats how I transport my rifles) but I still checked the chamber and asked him to confirm it was clear.


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Just checked back, so thanks guys for the further replies. I've been doing the course on the computer with the BDS DVD. Think I've got it sorted, though I sometimes struggle with the really obvious stuff that I do anyway. I.e. I'm good at muzzle awareness, but having to say "I'm being muzzle aware" is a bit strange, since I'm doing it anyway etc.

We'll see what happens I guess. I feel fairly certain that if I screw it up, it will be because I forget something obvious on the safety test. Hmm.


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What I did was to set up the safety test at home, briefed the Mrs on what should be said & done and got her to test me at random. I passed OK and the Mrs now also has a basic knowledge of the safety test as well. atb Tim


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When I was asked the questions , I answered them but forgot to mention the odd point(usually obvious). The answers were coaxed out of me. The assessors know you know the answers but sometimes we all need a little help. Enjoy the day and you will be fine
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