DSC1 This weekend!! AAAHHH!!!!!


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hi, I've got my DSC1 at Ilkley this weekend coming, and to be honest, I'm s**ting myself!!

Any pointers from you chaps and chapesses? I've read through the manual the BDS send out prior to the course twice, but theres that much to get through, I find it hard for it to sink in

Any pointers would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance



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Hi Oggy,I dont know if they still have the question bank at the back of the manual,it might be worth you working your way through that and answering the questions,if you havnt done so already.The staff are very helpful so dont worry to much ;) good luck


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If you have half a brain you won't fail.
The Instructors will spot any weaknesses and target them and literally pump what is required to pass into whoever is lagging.
Pay attention and you won't go wrong.
You wont be the only one worried and when you all get together you'll enjoy it.
Good Luck.


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Hi Oggy,

Don't worry about the identification of species as that will be fully covered on the course. The safety side is common sense but just refresh yourself with it through the manual.

You will not be asked any question that is not in the back of your manual and every answer is in the book.
Member "Wint" is right by saying work your way through the questions. You still have time to polish up.
The few that failed on my course did so because they did not revise enough.

Good luck Oggy and remember it is only natural to feel nervous, you will be fine.



Having passed fairly recently I was surprised at the number of complete novices who were on yhe course, by that I mean people who had never used a rifle before and many who were being 'forced' to attend in order to get an FAC, outrageous! Two people failed on my course on the written test, one was a know-it-all who didn't read the questions properly and the other really was a complete novice. The safety test was very simple, the shooting test a little less so. The range we were on was somewhat windswept with hail and rain to boot - so much so that the guy in charge was saying 'just aim for the bull' - ha, I then proceeded to cloverleaf 3 shots 2 inches high and left just outside the target, 2nd attempt I aimed bottom right and put three in the black, after that he told people to aim bottom right, the kneeling and standing was tricky due to the wind and rain but I think most people passed although interestingly many of the people who turned up with a rifle should have either checked their zero or learned to do it properly, I lost count of the times I heard 'I can't understand it, it was bang on a week ago!' The instructors are there to help, if you are concerned about your rifles zero for Gods' sake borrow one. I am sure you'll be fine, bone up on the questions in the back of the book and enjoy it.

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As others have said, read the manual, practice the questions, then read and practice again and again! Make notes of anything you are not confidfent about and ask questions in the course, so that you really understand it. The more you can learn before the course, the easier the course is!

For the shooting tests, I bought a threee legged telescopic set of shooting sticks to ensure that I really had a rock steady support for the seated and standing parts of the test. It cost me about £20 but was well worth it to negate any effects of nerves!

It seems to be a common theme that most of the failures are on the shooting test, so make sure you have your rifle with good, consistent ammo that you can produce good groups with, zero checked, and know how much to hold over / under for the respective ranges you will be shooting at on the different parts of the shooting test. Remember to take those long deep breaths to calm yourself and get the consistent shots.

As others have said, it is fairly natural to feel a bit nervous - I know I was, particularly on my shooting test!

Very best of luck, and let us know how you get on - we look forward hopefully to welcoming you to the community of DSC1 holders!



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Oggy,forgot to mention that you dont need to learn about the northern Ireland section if your from uk,I think :confused: if it hasnt changed.Good luck ;)



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As said you will not be on your own,I use the range you will be on and the its all in doors no wind/rain you will be fine honest


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Good luck Oggy, as the others have said read over the book and practise the questions as that makes a big difference. Also take great care and take your time on the safety test as one small mistake there is enough to fail you. You will find that different groups of people have different "pet subjects" when it comes to safety so listen up and make note of the views expressed by the examiners for clues as to how they like it done.

On the course I did, fairly recently, the deer ID was simple with each photo being almost a "text book" view of the species/sex. All stags had antlers for example. I was told they were a new set of photos so you might get the same ones for all I know.

The shooting test caused a lot of people problems and I, through a combination of luck and being nervous so I was concentrating hard, was the only person to do it in one attempt. We had one person fail on it. We also had a "know it all - I've shot thousands of deer you know" type who came within a fraction of failing on the shooting. However, it isn't actually difficult if I (a beginner) can pass it. I'd never shot from sitting or standing in my life before the test but just applied the simple techniques to the situation.


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Hi Oggy

I know how you feel, I take my DSC1 the weekend after you!

It all just seems a little over whelming when you havn't had to study for anything for years (I am mid-40's).

Best advice for anything like this is, I suppose, take your time, put the revision in, try to keep calm on the course and just do your best.

Looking forward to hearing how your course goes!!


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Guys, thanks so much for the pointers!!!

feel a bit better now, but I'll let you know how it goes :D


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manc-munsters said:
any update oggy?

only 5 more days of bowel emptying for me now!
My brain hurts.

Its a lot to fit in over 2 days, but I feel a lot better about doing the exam in 2 weeks time.

Defo read the manual, and you want to concentrate on things like dates of seasons, identifying species, safety, diseases, y'know what, just read the manual, and you'll be fine!

take notes! I came away with about 20 pages of scribbled notes

READ THE MANUAL!!! seriously, its all in there

Good Luck!



dsc 1

read the manual and if you can. get some one to keep firing the questions at you , it becomes easy. Take your time with the identification, there is alway something in the picture that will point you to the correct answer, dont be afraid to ask to look at the picture for a bit longer. dont panick and you will be fine . Its not that you dont know your stuff its just that we get out of the habit of taking tests

Good Luck



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well, i thought i'd let you chaps know I passed!!

Visual - 20/20
Written Assessment - 46/50
Trained Hunter Assessment - 37/40

chuffed to bits, and thankyou to everyone for the help and tips you gave me!!

just need somewhere to shoot now.... :D


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Guys , just stay focused , it cant, make you pregnant !!apologies to any ladies out there ,you know your stuff. The SHOOTING bit is a quandry.
Just do your best . Take your time and you will deliver the goods , a great start to your Stalking ,Pussy as it seems , I have my Badge on my hat , and I am happy with that .
Well done to you all , TRAPPER