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Very happy bunny. Got my DSC2 cert and badge back today, quicker than expected. Full credit to BASC cos their handling of it seems to have been spot on.
For guys thinking about DSC2 I would recommend it for the following reasons;

1) you learn stuff. most of us dont get the chance of apprenticeships with pro stalkers so learning is good. Especially in regards to making sure bad meat doesnt get into the foodchain (or your own freezer!!)

2) Play the system. DSC2 seems to be increasingly necessary to secure stalking. Whilst people may not like it I think it usually pays to play the sytem and not buck it!

3) confidence, you feel happy you know what you are about and can help others.

4)legitimacy, if the beaurocrats want to see self regulation etc in stalking then the better the take up the better chance we stand of them not sticking us with crap legislation.

I'm sure there are loads of other reasons but I think its important that prospective candidates dont get hung up on the negatives. The great initiatives on this site should help protect the rip off risk.

Im sure not everyone agrees but I found the whole process simple enough and rewarding


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Cost me the registration fee, cant remember how much that was. Then £60 per stalk, plus 2 blanks. Bear in mind though that they were stalks I was buying anyway. The witnessing cost me nothing extra although I do owe the chap a meal and a few beers.
One of the stalks was an eight point sika so that was a bonus. I do not enjoy the envious position of having stalking that costs nothing so I was just well chuffed that it cost me nothing more to get the DSC2.