norma 308

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Was up a few weeks back with solway stalker I got mullered can't see it being better in fact I'd have money on it .be prepared and good luck


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I've just come back from a weekend over towards Newton Stewart area, and was humbled by the tiny beast, they were absolutely horrendous!! But then you can't expect anything less i suppose, what made it worse was that there was no breeze at all.



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A friend has just come back and said it was terrible for horseflies, midges were not too bad.


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As above, especially horse/biting flies.

Smidge seems to stop the midges biting which is a bonus. Wear a veil when standing/sitting still, unless you like breathing the ba$tard$

Avon SSS is great as an all over job, helps keep the tan as a bonus.
Just had two glorious weeks in D&G then Mull.


dave 67

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Up round Straiton way at the moment thought the dog was going to takeoff last night that many flies on him,midges are out on mass as well,oh and those horrible 8 legged blood sucking beasts been flicking them of me and the dog like no tomorrow.
Seeing quite a few does about but no bucks as yet still beats being at work :D

Know Straiton is in South Ayrshire just had brain slippage :doh:
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I use straight oil of citronella. Eye dropper bottle from boots.Keep away from eyes.repeat if wiping sweaty area.

Jimbo 30 06

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Anyone who hales from the area.Whats the midge situation at the moment? Up this weekend.

I was up last week and as said the midges were a real pain the skags were out in force as well evil little blighters. I was told by a lady to take anti histermines and vit b complex tablets it did not stop them biting the hell out of me but it stopped the itching and swelling caused by previous bites.



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Must admit i've found the midges to be beter than usual last wee while with all this dry weather, but no doubt now with the rain will be back with avenegance making up for lost time. Always expect (and be prepared)for them to be bad and then u might get a pleasant surprise once in a blue moon

The cleg's on the other hand are the worst i've ever seen, f****** b********* c****** things!!! :evil: Been eaten alive recently. I see in the paper some poor fella died after a severe allergic reaction to a clegg bite down in devon? somewhere

Marty J

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I was out Friday & Saturday near Newton Stewart and had no bother with midges at all. As Mudman said the horseflies were biting well.

Scott Country

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I agree on the Clegs, they are awful.

Wish id taken a pic of a bite on my arm last week Friday night, it was literally the size of an egg.

I planned on going to the doc on the Monday but it dropped in size by then, but was a bit of a worry.

The backs of my legs from mountain biking are covered in them.

Midges not been so bad this year, and ive found that Bog Myrtle extract works fantastically well for that.

When i was a teenager i was bitten so badly by midges at Glentrool that my eyes closed up for a night, scary and antihistamine barely took the edge off.

Horrid things, but the clegs or horse flies are terribly painful at the moment.