dummy / stolen trail camera


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Hi all, friend of mine had a Bushnell trail camera stolen at the weekend from the Rackenford area in North Devon. Some desperate people about ! we have our suspicions but I don't think their is anything we can do about it but if you do hear anything I would appreciate a heads up.
My question is does anyone know of any GOOD dummy trail cams as next time we are out to catch thieves on a hidden cam stealing a dummy cam !


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Thiefing Barstewards!!!

Did your mate have the security case fitted and a python lock through the case and the bracket on the back of the bushnell??? or was it just using the attatchment it came with????

Either way I hope they get caught and feel the full force of the law..

I've just had a quick butchers on line for you..

This looks ok and at a reasonable price.. no idea about the company that is selling it however.


Good luck in catching them



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set up a dummy one, with real one well camo'd to catch them out when they jack the dummy one:D


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If they want it they will nick it ! I had a pop up hide nicked from my shoot , set it up a day befor i was going to do some decoying .... Got there it was gone ...

Hope you catch them




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The problem is what do you do if you catch em. Ideally they want burying in the wood where they stole the camera from. But I know up here, even with video evidence theyd get a slap on the rist an sent on there way.

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b******s i really hope you catch these scum sucking pigs i was think to get a camera in the new year

but my main worry would be that it would be swiped

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set up a dummy one, with real one well camo'd to catch them out when they jack the dummy one:D
Good solution in theory, but should the sod who nicked it (or potential sods) read your post you have given them the heads up for the solution!

By the way Cervus i replied to your pm.



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As a matter of interest Scott Country do a trail cam that has a separate "pod" connected by wireless. You set up the camera and hide the little pod anything up to 50m away. Everything recorded on the camera is also recorded on the pd. If the camera is stolen you have a fair chance of seeing who did it on the pods SIM card. The camera is, I think called a Tiny-W (for wireless!)


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my solution to camera theft was a ladder. I bought a 3m telescopic ladder and almost always mount my camera at least 9ft off the ground. No probs with pictures etc but leaves camera out of reach and hopefully less in view too