Dura coat paint

Peter Eaton

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Not sure if this in correct place but I saw a few had used a paint simular to dura coat or gun coat from B n Q. yes I know its no the stuff for a rifle barrel but I just want to re-spray my moderator. So does anyone know of a decent paint to do this? Dont want a completely flat finish but a mid sheen. Also a great tip for stipping the blue of your barrel is to use a scotchbrite wheel on your buffer. Just did exactly this with my T3, the scotchbrite wheel is exellent for this, dont press to hard or your might eat a groove into the barrel, just go slow and in long strokes and it will take all the scatches oit of the barrel. The other massive advantage is you can work in the area where the barrel is stamped without losing the crispness of the lettering which once gone is gone forever. You can also strip you mod back this way very safely.