E Bay and deleted sale items.


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A friend was advertising for sale a Fox head and neck skin on E Bay for taxidermy.
These were from an old beast found dead on his farm. It was emaciated, showing poor tooth condition and appeared to have died from natural causes.
It had attracted a starting bid but has been deleted by E Bay who seem to have a policy of removing such items as this was not their first deletion of such an object.
As Foxes are not protected under schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act why do they do this ?
Is some `Greenie Genie` at work ?



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Sorry about your deleted item. I've had some deleted in the past...bullet moulds...for example. In practice if you e-mail eBay to ask "Why", they'll get back but merely quote their rules rather than give an exact "This is the offending phrase" reply. So they never give much direct help as to hw to write a listing description that they are OK with.

But I've also had them deleted for entirely different reasons unconnected with what the item is.

My advice is to list in a very broad general category...such as "Everything else" then select "Other" and rely on your description to attract interest BUT phrase it such that it won't have any information that breaches eBay guidelines. So just merely "Stuffed Fox Skin Taxidermy" maybe? Also a SHORT duration three or five day listing gives less time for those that want to cause problems to act....as eBay is sometimes slow to respond to items when reported for listing breaches.

"For taxidermy". That may be the reason it has been kicked off? In that it is a perishable item likely to decay? A "bio hazard" even!

However, as I hinted, your listing may have been removed for another different reason and that is giving contact details in the listing, stating "Cash ONLY - No Paypal", or other reason irrelevant to what the item is but relating to eBay's desire to prevent you selling it "off" eBay and so avoiding their, and Paypal's, fees. This even includes giving a website address either directly or even in an image. For example I buy targets off eBay and the seller has to blank out his web address on pictures of those targets that it is printed on when they are made.

Sometimes LESS information is best! If buyers are interested they always have the ability to "Ask Buyer a Question". Lastly I have in the past tried contacting eBay asking why have you deleted my XXXX when sellers, A, B, C and D also have a XXXX for sale...and referring directly to those items. To little avail I'd add but it makes the point to some low paid functionary in a call centre somewhere.

Give the above sometimes it HELPS if your listing actually says:

"In compliance with eBay Rules;
1).This an animal pelts from non-endangered species (not a cats or dog)
2). This is not an
animal or part of an animal of a species listed in Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, or the Schedules to the Wildlife Acts 1976-2000,
Skins, hides and rugs are generally permitted on eBay, subject to the limitations above.
And so as it is a fox skin an animal not subject to schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act nor the Sechedules of the Wuildlife Acts 1976-200 it may be listed on eBay."

Hope it helps. You are welcome to cut and paste the above. Remember it is "numpties" that review complaints about listings and if they see the above that often is enough to help them realise that it is OK.
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i have sold all manner of whole animals through eBay, foxes, squirrels, birds etc

sometimes you just **** someone off and get things deleted, more often than not they are deleting it in response to a complaint

I try to make sure that there is some statement as to "ethically sourced" or "it was going to be shot anyway and I would rather see it go to use than die in vain"..... type comments

you should still be able to contact the bidder if you have their username


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Who would list an emaciated fox with bad teeth anyway?
A clever guy who makes a lot of lolly selling stuff others dump or put in their bin.
He had a first bid almost immediately it appeared on the site before some pratt deleted it.



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Who would list an emaciated fox with bad teeth anyway?
Contrary to your opinion it is on again and has two bids so far.
Interesting to see how far it will go if not deleted once more.
Obviously one mans waste is another mans gold !



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I am sent weekly emails from sellers on eBay all of which sell skins, furs and mounts, i've never heard anything like this happen to anyone before, I hope your friend sells his fox soon.



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He has had the fox head and neck skin [ 4 bids £9 ] and other items such as hens feathers deleted again.
He is now banned for 30 days to put anything up for sale even clothing.
E Bay member No.181647253533 lists similar animal items with NO restrictions.
The GREENIE GENIE strikes again.


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I now hate e-bay as well.
Advertised a pair of fishing reels the other night.
Start price of £125, the reserve set at £195 and a buy it now if £125, all simple stuff.
I had checked as it listed and all looked well, bid, reserve and buy it now all showing.
5 minutes after listing I get a message asking if I have a buy it now price.
So sent message saying as per listing, £195, get a reply saying no buy it now showing.
On checking it out I find that when someone bids the buy it now option is withdrawn ?
Not only withdrawn they had removed the reserve, and I got a message to say my reserve was to high
as the reel was only that much new, didn't read the advert did they, as this was for a pair of them.
So ended listing and sold off e-bay to the man who wanted it at the buy it now.

From now on I will only list as auction, or buy it now at a fixed price.

Neil. :)

PS: E-bay want me to pay the fee for the buy it now part of the listing, (the listing itself was free)
I feel they may not get their £0.50 without a fight. Lol


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Advertised something on there which had only been used for 5 minutes tops.
Obviously it was not new so I described it as "used but in mint condition"
Ebay pulled the ad on the grounds that something which is used cannot be mint !!!!!!!!!