Eagle v's Roe

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Rob Mac

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This is one way to bring down a deer. I don't think I've seen footage of an ealge taking big prey before. I think it's a Golden Eagle (please correct me if I'm wrong), so you may want to think twice about taking your dog out to stalk with you on the hill!





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You would get through quite a few birds of prey hunting like that! A friend of mine put a Saker Falcon on to a hare. The hare died but not before he bust the falcons wings.
I think I will stick to rifles, easier to feed and won't crap on your wrist. :D

paul k

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The title says Golden Eagle and it looks pretty much like one but it would have to be quite a small roe.


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Yes it is a golden eagle. it is also a very small deer.

when i was a lad my dad was a keen falconner he used to fly a goshawk that wieghed about 2lb 9oz at big lincolnshire hares. That was very good.

Sakers, to be fair, are generally flown at birds in this country.

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