eagles being shot!


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Hi guys,
I've got to go to work, which is always annoying, but especially this morning. If anybody can, please watch the BBC breakfast program, as they are just about to do an article about eagle and other birds of prey being shot. I get the feeling we are in for a beating. (Again).
Please post your views so I can judge how bad we came out of it.

Heym SR20

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Just saw it on Breakfast time TV - RSPB are launching a general initiative to try and get Golden Eagles and Harriers to repopulate the Borders, Northern England and Wales - habitat that should support them.

They recognise the economic issue- particularly with grouse shooting and are thus writing upland managers including grouse moor owners to try and find ways of both encouraging the raptors, but at the same time conserving and encouraging grouse stocks etc. rather than illegally shooting them.

They drew a parallel with the successful work that has been done with Red Kites and Buzzards across southern and central England where they have worked succesfully with land owners for successful reintroduction of these and shooting is growing in popularity.

No- it was all about idiots shooting birds of prey, although they did mention that illegal shooting / poisoning sadly still goes on.


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RSPB etc. do not seem to worry about the damage to other desireable creatures caused by their projects.
Six weeks ago a farmer told me that a Buzzard had taken two Red Squirrels.
A few months ago a tourist told a local retired gamekeeper that a Buzzard had lifted a Red Squirrel off a wall top which they use as a highway between two small forests.
Two days ago a farmer told me Buzzards were killing his new-born lambs and asked me if I would shoot them for him.
This put me in a difficult situation to say NO as I have free shooting on that and many other farms.
We have a pair of Golden Eagles here in the Lake District but because of regulations it is no longer possible to leave dead sheep etc. to feed them so what does a bird of that size live on !
On some areas we have virtually no rabbits so the problem grows and grows.
We also have Ravens which again are a serious problem at lambing time.
So far this year I have shot 89 Carrion Crows to aleviate these problems but it is on-going and the Bunny-Huggers have no idea of correct balance of nature, only of protection.
We have no nesting Lapwing, Curlew etc. as protected Badgers hoover up eggs and nestlings.
About a dozen Badgers have been killed on our roads recently.

End of rant. HWH.


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Eagles being shot

Hi lads, I saw the bit this morning and feel that it's only the BEEB giving RSPB their usual propaganda slot.
Why do golden Eagles need to be introduced here. If England was any good for them they would simply fly south from where they are.
I feel that the publicity that the RSPB get from this is disguised advertising. That they are doing something good for their money and can they please have some more.


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stag1933 said:
We have no nesting Lapwing, Curlew etc. as protected Badgers hoover up eggs and nestlings.
glad you mentioned this stagg
as 2 years ago i attended a meeting where the farmer in question invited a representative from the RSPB to give a talk and take comments , as this farm was trying to provide an area for lapwings to nest on by means of freshly ploughed ground that would be planted with xmas trees so providing nesting and cover for the young aswell as food in the way of flies and aphids that xmas trees attract
this was a good plan, but my question was after 2 years the trees would be be of a stage that would deter nesting lapwings and and the ground would hav to be sprayed with a chemicals to prevent weed growth , since lapwings return to the same nesting grounds why did the RSPB think it would be good to encourage nesting for only 2 years then when the birds arrive for a 3rd year or the young for their first nesting year to find their nesting site gone and hav to try and find another nesting site which in the area they looking to nest in, where it is very heavily farmed with modern machinery and methods which inevitably would mean a loss of that years hatch if any nested at all ,and subsquently how many birds would then return for the next years nesting season in this area , needless to say he did not answer and the farmer in question quickly changed the subject


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Here in Lakeland we have much in-by land which is never plowed or subjected to chemical fertiliser as most of the farmers have copious amounts of cow dung from their `inside` cattle to be disposed of. [ besides which it is cheap and on site! ]
Most of the `plowing` on the hillsides is done by Badgers snouts and they can make an awful mess.
Unless something positive is done our Red Squirrels will be doomed.
The rotten Greys and their Parapox virus plus the Buzzards will see to that.



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yes stag
the grey's hav done a lot of irreversible damage to the red population and it has been over 25 years since i saw my last live red squirrel in the wild , that was in my home town back in mid wales in the local park ,a memory i still think about alot today as it was never to be repeated sadly to say, if only the local council had took notice then things may hav been different


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Hi Chaps,
Did you also hear that Sir Paul MacCartney has found the answer to stop the total destruction of our planet by global warming. He is laying the blame on meat eating humans! No meat eaters+no farting cows= peaceful loving world full a lovely lovely veggies and vegans :D What a complete w&nker! :evil:

The BBC just loved it! They had every veggie mental case phoning in on the 'Jeremy Vine' show talking complete crap. When anyone phoned in supporting meat eaters they were given a couple of minutes to repond and then cut off! :eek:
So come the revolution, Sir Paul Mac bleeding Cartney is right at the top of my 'To do list' next to Johnny Kingdom, Bil Oddy and Jermane Greer! :evil:


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just to add my bit . i have just come in from a meal out with friends (great 16oz sirloin steak ) if not eating meat will save our planet i will stop. does that that mean we can shoot it ..neil