ear infection 20 month old male lab ?


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Lab shaking head from side to side, scratching ear with his paw - I have inspected inside the ear there is no redness, no smell and just started recently in the hot weather. He is such a placid dog and a pleasure to own but this is intermittent behaviour not constant. Any ideas or is it a trip to the vet?


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Sounds like he may well has a grass seed in his ear? Only a vet is going to get it out under general anaesthetic i'm afraid!

Tom D

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Could be an infection, mine gets them all the time, get it treated because each time they get them the ear canal narrows a little making them more prone to future infections. its just ear drops if its an infection.


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I've got two Labs and one of them does get the odd ear infection. But as you point out, there's no redness or smell, which are the usual symptoms, along with the head shaking and trying to get the paw in there. Could still be an infection I guess, or indeed a seed, given the time of year. Is the dog's balance affected? I think, were it my dog, the vet would have to have a look.
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