Ear Protection

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Andy L

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Following 325wsm's thread under general, I have realised that a shopping trip is long overdue.
I need some ear protection of some sort that will protect my hearing while not effecting my senses too much. Cost is fairly irrelevant apart from the fact that I am prone to losing things. I think that inserts would suit me better as the feeling of big defenders hanging on my head is not particuarly appealing.
What do you lot recommend. Has anyone got a par of those ear plugs that are made to fit your ears?


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hi andy
i did look at green leopard once but they were a lot of money but a fast growing company with many outlets and that only means 2 things good marketing or a good product , electronic ear defenders are half the price but 10 times the size and less easy to mislay


Hi andy. I use this http://www.msa-sordin.com/en/produkter.asp?rId=197&mId=104. Yes its a little bulky but the sound quality is very good. Wearing nothing is not an option for me so I have tried to find the best alternative. I am so scared of making my condition worse that i am always concerned about trying anything which does not fully cover the ear. These work well. They magnify normal sounds, cut out load ones and let you have a quite chat to someone on the mobile if necessary.


Chris Rob

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I've used Emtec Noisebreakers for 2 seasons or so now, light, comfortable & they work very well. The use an acoustic filter to attenuate noise so no electronics to go wrong or batteries to run flat.

Had my casts done by our local agent who also runs the Audiology Dept' at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

you will pay £80 - £90 & they are on the small side so easily lost if your not careful.

Had mine moulded in bright blue so I can see them easier if I drop them.

I understand Specsavers do their own version as well.



John Humphreys rates them highly as well (reviewed at the very bottom of the brochure)

http://www.noisebreaker.co.uk/EMTEC 2007 BROCHURE.pdf


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I use a pair of Peltor SportTac. I can adjust the volume so i can hear the dog hunting and you don't have to keep taking them of when someone is talking to you. I have big ears and i mean big ears so i have to make sure i tuck the earloabs in to get a good seal. They are worth every Kronor i paid for them and i use them for all my shooting be it down the range or hunting.

The Mole

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Why not fit a moderator? That keeps the noise to an acceptable level in the field, and you can use cheaper muffs for more sustained shooting on the range. And at the cost of the moulded 'in ear' devices, having your rifle screw cut with the price of the the mod probably still come out cheaper.


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Mole there is still the crack to deal with. Ive been playing with the idea for a while and fancy the noise breaker ones but after 325's total mis-fortune it brings the reality home. And its something I need to address pronto. I was like you and thought Ill use a moddy and it'll be OK but lets not take the chance.

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