Early Range Trip 7-17-13


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Got out to the range EARLY this morning !
Think i pulled up at 7:05 AM !

I swapped the old Redfield Widefield 3-9 for a relatively new Redfield Revolution 3-9 . The heavy duty bullets have been playing havoc on the old Weaver and Redfield scopes . If it kills the Revolution so what I can send it back and let them deal with it !
The restocked circa 2001 Marlin 444 !

Wanted to get it sighted in dead on with Mt Sourdough's 433-425GC bullet which are in the first three rows from the left . Next row is the my Mountain Molds 433-400GC , next row is my BRP/RD 432-400GC HP , next row is my LBT 433-400GC and the row all the way to the right is my BRP/RD 432-400GC . The 433-425GC , 433-400GC , 432-400GC HP and LBT 433-400GC are all loaded with 36 grains of RL-7 .

I have the Mt Sour 433-425GC bullet hitting dead on at 100 yards and the other three bullets are all relatively in the same POI . So with that being said I can switch bullets and be in the kill zone inside 150 yards .

I also carried along my circa 1966 Retro 444P just to check the scope again . This one is loaded with my MM/RD 432-325GC and pushed with XMR2015 .