Eating Deer Heads


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Just watched an issue of Last Alaskans ( Heimo and the late Bob are real heroes RIP Bob). The show showed Korth family preparing in detail and eating caribou head (noting the care they took to remove lymph glands etc). They regarded as a delicacy. I have always put heads into the bush along with feet and gralloch. Am I missing something ? Anyone on here that prepares and eats roe heads?

PS I made brawn from some pigs heads I was given a while back. Lots of work and the result was edible, though very bland, despite spicing it up a lot in later batches


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With reindeer in Norway contracting CWD, and no real explanation as to how it got there, whitetail in US (possibly through as yet unproven link similar to BSE outbreak in U.K. and elsewhere - supplementary feeding of infected feedstuffs), right now may not be the best time to potentially add to life's travails?