Ebay has its uses


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Just purchased a set of Forster elite dies, ON EBAY, Full length and a Micrometer adjustable seating die for my 6.5-284.

The cost to me £40

Retail price £96

There are still some deals to be had if you are in the right place at the right time.


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I've had a few deals like that, I must admit. They seem to be getting scarcer though, as people seem to be getting far smarter in researching prices before offering items for sale. In a lot of cases, you can save a few quid on the retail price if you're prepared to wait for an auction to end, but most of the time now I want the item quickly so just hit the 'buy it now' option. A lot of vendors auctions seem to have multiple items all ending up costing practically the same anyway, so even if someone has a dozen identical items for sale, the end prices always seem to get very close to full retail. Still the odd bargain to be had though. Glad you found one :D


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UK eBay?

that does surprise me
they have a totalitarian approach to anything gun or knife related in the UK


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I met a woman on Ebay and she made me a sex god, if you send her the wool she'll knit you one too....


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Over the years I've bought lots on eBay, including two Peli-cases that were an absolute steal, several gunslips and sundry other shooting paraphernalia. On top of this I've bought non-shooting related stuff including camera equipment, ipods, books, DVD's, glasses, etc. With only one or two memorable exceptions everything has been easy.
The restriction on buying knives is a pain - of course you can buy kitchen knives, steak knives and letter openers but not pen knives :doh:

Certainly there seems to be more competition these days, particularly for items that are easy to search for (rifle scopes from the big three, for example), but there are plenty of bargains still to be had if you do your research and search the Bay accordingly.