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Looks to be a good deal.

I have no experience of these individuals, but would suggest that their rates do not make fraud worthwhile. Likewise, the comments regarding estates etc, are perfectly reasonable in today's climate.

Go for it - and report back. It would be good to know of a trustworthy outfit in that area.

Rgds Ian

Nix Niveus

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Well they're talking thre right language and the FAC/withheld number comments suggest they have some experience.

You don't think of Ebay and stalking as naturally going together! but I suppose it's a very good way of giving complete newcomers a chance.

If you aren't in the stalking 'community' it is impossible to get a chance otherwise.

Good luck to them, if you were thinking about going I'd give it a go.


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My one experience of buying stalking on Ebay was good, this one has been up numerous times so have a look at their feedback.

Give it a go, if bad then tell everybody!



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I may well give it a go at the back end of the season.

I have had one experience of buying stalking off ebay, although I did cheat to a certain degree as I had already stalked with Rob previously. Superb value as it turned out!


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Just to let you know i have had two days with them this year had a silver medal muntjac at no extra cost lots of deer about and very nice people yours martyn52


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Is that your beast in the advertising pictures Martyn?

Think I need to give some serious thought to a trip out with them!