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I've just been looking on ebay and there are 4 ads for stalking and 1 for wild boar in Gloucestershire which for 1 outing is up to £200 with 20 bids.
what is the going rate for the outing advertised? is someone getting a xmas bargain or ripped off?


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last time i went out on wild boar it cost me £150 a night , that was to sit in a highseat from 9pm till gone 3am the next morning that was devon/dorset way in feb 2007 total cost for trip
2 nights in highseat £300
2 nights b+b with evening meal £108 approx
1 wild boar £185
fuel £100
1 day skinning , butchering and phoning all your mates to tell them all about it
total cost : a weekend of sheer pleasure and a freezer full of boar

it is not just all about cost as if the winner does connect it will be a memory which will stay with him/her for ever but always nice to get it cheaper, keep looking Dickie a bargain will come along i know i hav had a few
good hunting stone


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Hello Dickie,

I would have to agree with stone as far as happy memories of a successful hunt go; but those prices do seem a little rich for me. Saying that, I did bid on some boar shooting sometime last year on ebay, (it was a bit cheaper than the prices you quote) I ended up with loads of threats and loopy emails form the antis (and I mean hundreds of emails), in the end the trip was pulled by ebay / or seller because of all the flak bidders and sellers were getting and the dodgy bids from the tree huggers.

Happy hunting if you decide to splash out !


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I think you have to look at other challenges sometimes, especially if you are not interested in going to Africa.


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I posted this because I was suprised to see it on ebay not because I wondered about bidding!
I am very interested in going to Africa, but with work comitments that might come about towards the end of next year.
Though looking at it there are so many places to choose from any recomendations welcome