Edinburgh Rifles and Sporting Goods


We are a small RFD in Edinburgh who will be officially launching in Jan 2017
Offering a range of products and services from Sec 1 and 5 Firearms/Shotguns (New and Used), Ammunition, Reloading Components (Bullets, Powders, Primers), Moderators, Optics, Accessories and Services
Stock Refinishing, Traditional Rust Bluing, Repairs, Optics Set up, Intro to Reloading courses.

Please feel free to ask if we can help


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Well done Ed good luck on your new venture might pay for you to tell people it's you in case some people don't know it's you, as with all business people like dealing with someone familiar to them.


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Sounds grand, i am in Edinburgh regularly, and have been known to fritter away a fortune in shooting shops, and i used to own an RFD!
Will you offer stalking, if so when down with the family i will book a trip or two and sneak away, leaving the girls to shop (mistake i know)

Best of luck and keep us posted