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It does seem that those who have experienced less than stellar service from Ed have sent emails or PMs. I understand that's the modern way. It's not my way.
I have phoned him for several purchases. Never received anything other than the service and products I wanted.
Visited his home to buy a rifle before the shop was open, then found it had very weak ejection. I explained this to Ed, who was apologetic. He didn't have a trade account with the importer of said rifle so a friend who has ordered the parts for me, Ed knocked the cost off my next purchase from him, absolutely resolving the issue to my satisfaction.


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Have dealt with other dealers in surrounding areas but wouldn't go anywhere else now other than Ed at ERSG. Top block, has always given me the time of day and helped me out the best he can. Could stand in the shop all day just listening and watching like being a kid back in the lego isle in toys r us again.


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How about you write your name and which county you live in... that could be a start? ;)
Not sure what “a start” means in this context but ordinarily a great idea indeed and one I really truly aspire to but I fear written from a position of understandable innocence perhaps even to the point of naivety. Suffice to say that if you lived where I live you would not be rushing to publish your name or even giving a clue of it and certainly not your address in any public forum where details of full bore firearms and their ownership which might be very useful to a certain section of the community are openly discussed. If in any further doubt just watch the news this last week. Happy to expand upon if necessary should you wish to pm me.


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Thumbs up from me: I was looking to buy some 7x57 brass, I called up Ed and he sent me some new PPU brass in 7x57 by return of post at an affordable price.

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Ed and Co have always been spot on in my dealings been 100% straight every time , there one ofthe only dealers I know that will go out of there way to give to help you out be it parts or with Q/load data and email it to you, Spud being the other. Bits and bobs always have been there as orderd . Never had the "sorry the items you have ordered are on back order" when trying to get updates ! , The only problem i'v ever had was the phone it can have a very bad connection ( that being once ) , maybe it needs replacing as it cuts out sometimes or get a landline lol :tiphat:


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I rang him on Friday. Ordered a box of Fox bullets to try and some Norma cases. Did a quickload for me. Goods arrived yesterday for £3.50 postage. If he is not answering his emails try those old fangled things called telephones. Very helpful and knowledgeable. Except he forgot to give me a VAT receipt. Will ring him again.
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If he is not answering his emails try those old fangled things called telephones.
Just remember that when things go wrong you have no proof of anything when the only contact you had was a phone call. That's got nothing to do with this thread as such but it's something that we insist on at work for all requests. I will speak to people on the phone or on skype as is the new modern way but we always follow it up with an email so that wires aren't crossed and months later after lots of water has gone under the bridge we can refer back to what was agreed.


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Had a good few dealings with Ed/Edinburgh rifles. All in person/phone and absolutely no issues. They need a bigger shop though! I’d echo the kid in the Lego aisle comment earlier.

Also, no charge for receiving rfd=>rfd purchases. Inevitably the saving gets spent on ammo or something else in the shop, but still!
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