Electric Hoist


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Just picked up a 250kg electric hoist from ALDI - £50.00 (almost identical to the one advertised in the BDS magazine this month for £150) - seems too good to be true.



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I bought one on friday
went into Aldi's for a look and £50 later , homeward bound with it on the back seat
YES......it's still in the box on the backseat now :rolleyes:
shall hav a play this week maybe... :lol:

The Mole

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Let us know how you get on with those hoists guys - the fallow don't seem to be getting any lighter so maybe it's time for some help, and they sound like just the job at a sensible price

Pete E

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The Mole,

I put a couple of friends onto these last year after they were mentioned here.

Two in particular use them regularly as the cull quite a few fallow and both have nothing but praise for them. Whats more they come with a three year warrenty, like all the power tools from Aldi.

One of the guys also bought an SBS drill from Aldi and burnt the brushes out after about 12 months of reasonble use. He contacted their Help Desk in Ireland and after a brief discussion, they posted him replacement brushes FOC, even though they are classed as a consumable part. From this it would seem they stand behind their warrenty's which is good to know in this day and age.