Electronic ammo safe


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Hi all,
I have been looking for a small Electronic safe to keep my gun cupboard keys and maybe some Ammo in.
Iv'e just bought the perfect one from Sainsburys, they are in the clearance section and only cost £9.99. It is now bolted to the wall and i'm quite chuffed with it, less than a tenner and it came with fixings and is capable of holding 1000 rnds of rimfire and 2 mtm large rifle ammo boxes with room to spare.
If anyone is looking for a small ammo safe give your local sainsburys a look.


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Great tip, I got mine from B&Q it's a yale I think. I keep my keys in it, so I don't have to remember where I hid them!
Mark :)


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I think I got mine from Homebase, it is I do believe a laptop safe, I'm not sure and don't care really. It is bolted to the top of my gun-safe, is full of ammunition, keys to my gun-safe and bolts for my rifles. I can't remember how much it was but £49.99 rings a bell. Very pleased with it.



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JayB how will that go down with the FAO. Get access to bullets gives you access to the gunsafe. Keys to both should be in separate locations. Hate you to fall foul, Jim