Available: Emergency First Aid with Forestry Aberdeenshire 5th Feb 2020

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First aid course tailored for Stalkers I’ve will be running this course near Aboyne but happy to look at other dates venues in the area.
Why Emergency First Aid with forestry Training Course EFAW+F

The recommended Forestry Commission first aid for forestry policy topics covered by our EFAW+F training courses are

  • Severe Bleeding i.e chainsaw injuries and the use of tourniquet, trauma Dressings and Clotting Agents
  • Crush Injury and suspension trauma
  • Hypothermia and managing and injured casualty
  • Lyme Disease
  • Getting help with out a mobile signal personal locator beacons Spot and Inreach Explorer
We provide both open and tailored First Aid with foresty courses in Scotland and Northern England. Our EFAW plus Forestry training courses are delivered by full time outdoor professionals that work in the same outdoor environment as your staff, Our trainers have real life on the job experience of working in remote environments with casualties and hopefully bring this across during the training.

First Aid for Forestry Workers Course cost
We offer a fixed rate pricing policy to make it easy for people to chose an option that best suites their own requirments all fees are inclusive of expenses and course documentation

£85 per person up to 6 people

£550 for up to 12 on a course

£550 Tailored or closed First aid with forestry training course delivered on your own site or venue
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