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Hi lads, have any of you up the top end of the country used Emma custom rifles from Darlington,they may have something i would like it's a long drive from here and just wandered if they were OK people . thanks in advance


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yes i know i live 3 miles away but ask other people from the northeast thats all i will say.
Why not spell it out for the inquisitive in the south? I didn't think the gadgee's up there were afraid to tell it like it is.


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Look at the goods and the prices listed on his website and work it out for yourself what is the priority....


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I bought a Zeiss 1.5-4.5x24 'scope from him ten or eight years ago. No problems. Paid £450 for it which was a fair price for it and I was satisfied with the deal.


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hi jsw i have known the owners rob and brian a long time and they have been a pleasure to deal with.In fact i bought one of my rifles from them it was brand new and a better price than any other dealer could come up with.thats my experience of them hope this helps

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I got my new gun safes from them last year and they couldn't have been more helpful, as well as being the cheapest place selling them.

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I have also found Robin very helpful, having purchased a rifle from him and had a repair done to one of my guns which I was amazed at how well it turned out.

(Please note I have no connection with Robin or Emma rifles other than being a satisfied customer).

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