End of Countryman Fairs, Lowther, Midland game fsir

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I used to do falconry demos at many game fairs and country shows and for the past 8-9 years they have all suffered with low attendance etc.
This was due mainly to the amount charged to get in.Behind the scenes the costs to put on a show such as these was massive and got bigger each year. This is why the traders were being charged massive sums for pitches. This is why a coffee and an iffy burger etc was expensive. This is why most traders in the field sportsgame could not afford or deemed it unnecessary to attend. This is why the pitches were then let to car jack type stalls and cushion sellers which was far far removed from the original aim of the shows. I’m afraid it all comes down to money and greed and those charges are passed on and the little cottage type industry business such as stand alone gunsmiths and shops, clothing etc etc are just priced out. Simple. All shows such as this are now on the last legs sadly. The shooting show at the NEC is going to go the same way as traders are being priced out of pitches, the organisers will let the pitches to traders that have a very loose tentative connection to shooting and the paying public will go and not see any relevant traders there and not attend again and that will be that.
These organisers will never ever learn they literally suck the life out of an event for 4-5 years then bin it off


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Never been to any of the fairs south of the border the only ones I go to these days are the Scottish Game Fair at Scone
The Deer Stalkers Fair at Kelso and Moy Game Fair when I get the chance but as it falls during the Roe rut I usually have clients and can't manage.
I hear the same said about them " there are no bargains to be had" it all dependends why you go ,yes if you are looking
for bargains you are likely to be disappointed the internet has killed the chance of that, however the fairs are still a shop
window for whats out there gives you a chance to see stuff in the flesh so as to speak and you can still buy it on the internet for less if its what you are looking for.
Me I buy very little these days apart from my shooting stockings ,bone saw blades and Diver Daves waterproof spray which I can't buy cheaper anywhere else, but really I go for the craic meet up with people whom I probably only see once a year and have a dram and a chat in the Gamekeepers tent or some such venue.
As for stalls selling crocs what countryman can live without a pair of crocs.


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"Every man needs at least 3 pairs of crocs, two indoors and one for outside."

Too right! If you've ever had a near blowout of one of a set Crocs you'll know how necessary a spare pair can be.

And remember never mix one of set of a faux Crocs with one of a set of genuine Crocs on the same pair of feet.