Wanted: End of season day for 4-6 guns - January 28


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Looking for a relatively inexpensive day on January 28th for 4-6 guns. I realise this is the end of the season, so we are open to suggestion in terms of bag, quarry, etc. Happy with walked-up, stand-one/walk-one, mini-driven and anything from strictly pheasant to mixed waders. Live in London, but willing to travel.

Do get in touch if you have something that fits the bill!



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I have day on 28th Jan, walked one stand one bases, mixed bag day, expected 100+, near Newark. £200 per gun. Also have a day on 31st Jan in Lincolnshire mainly hare day but some partidges as Well £200 Thanks


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It's a shame your not closer as I have a day on the 21st, fully driven for £295 a gun... shoot as many as you want kind of day.