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Sold: English 20 bore side by side (Midland Gun Company)

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Webley Boy

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An English 20 bore boxlock non-ejector by the Midland Gun Company. 26" sleeved barrels (mint bores) with 2.5" chambers and bored at 1/2 and full choke. Plain border engraved action with double triggers and auto safety. Figured walnut stock with 13.75" length of pull and vacant silver oval.

A beautifully balanced ladies or young persons gun, still fully functional but sadly marred by some idiot (who I hope is reading this) in an amateurish hamfisted attempt to remove the stocks semi pistol grip (see last photo). This is reflected in the asking price.

£450 collected (Bedfordshire) or can RFD to RFD at cost.

Not open for further replies.