English Lesson


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Teacher in classroom says to the class in an English lesson

Can someone give me a sentence with the words Market in it.

Little Sarah gets up and says pleas Miss I know one.

Right then lets hear it.

I went down to Lancasster Market with my Mum on Saturday and bought some nice things.

Thats very good Sarah.

Right who can give me a sentence with the word Fascinate in it?

Little Jimmy the problem lad gets up and says.

Last Saturday I went down to Lancaster Market

Hang on says the teacher we have just had that from Sarah.

Let me finish says Jimmy

Last Saturday I went to Lancaster Market with my mum and dad to buy a new duffle coat for school it had nine buttons but I could only fasten eight :lol:
Alright you little smart arse give me a sentence with contagious in it then.

Ol after we had been to Lancaster market to buy the duffle coat we went round to visit my Uncle Fred he was in the garden painting the railings around his garden with a 1inch brush and it took the c...t ages :rolleyes: