Engraving on a receiver


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Thanks for the replies, I have contacted Joanne and awaiting a reply.

GOMX- The one I'm looking to have done is a steel action


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I don't like heavy scroll as favoured by the Yanks but that is lovely and a credit to the artist.
It makes the rear sight block on the Brno's almost attractive. It is almost a shame to blue them. I am not the engraver, my pal is. I just build them - he makes them look fabulous. I am doing a .22 Hornet right now as that one in the pics is nearly done and I have a couple of Remingtons want doing and a revolver but I will have to do that one in bits as I am Colour Case Hardening the frame.
Always a pain to get back together without a scratch.
I will put some pics up when this is done but the stock will take me another week probably.

Thank you for the comments.