Enter the Xmas Members Competition: Scott Country and Stalking Directory Competition

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Hello all.

The latest Sporting goods, hunting gear and outdoor clothes from Scott Country and The Stalking Directory competition is now online.

Find out more and enter the Scott Country Stalking Directory competiton here to win a Ridgeline Storm Smock.



Good luck

Scott Country Sales Team
With the greatest of respect and I do not wish to cause any offence whatsoever with this post.

I know its a simple question but can we not answer it on the forum please.

The whole idea is people visit our website to get the answer......

We show a link to the product page and by reading the text you can find the answer very easily without the need for it to be published on the forum and spoil the fun.

Sadly the person sharing the answer has been removed from the competition.
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Plenty of time left to enter guys.

We have even decided to offer a smaller prize for the 2nd and 3rd name drawn this month also so get entering!
Xmas Competition now closed thank you for all your entries.

Winner will be announced today at 4pm so keep an eye on the forum please.


1st Place: PaulT wins Ridgeline Storm Smock
(Main Competition Prize)

2nd Place: David1976 wins Harris Tweed Cap
3rd Place: Roering wins Neoprene Scope Protector
(Small Runner Up Giveaways)

Please email marketing@scottcountry.co.uk with your name and address.


(Mods please confirm if not an active member)

Best Regards

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