Enthusiastic youngster willing to learn needed.


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I started beating at 15 years of age for a packed lunch and 2 cans of beer at lunchtime.
I loved it 😊
In hindsight would I start my shooting life this way again ………. bloody right I would 😆


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I fortunately had a good teacher my Grandad a retired keeper and my Dad who caught a lot of rabbits. But that was the basics, I poached my first deer and got thumped and castigated for it. After that helping a keeper and cutting lettuce for a farmer got me the chance to shoot more deer, even if it was with a rimfire and hornet.
It wasn't an easy way but I was lucky and willing to take opportunities to learn.
Well done the Op for offering that chance. We are starting to get my assistants lad interested and he is very keen to learn.


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A great offer, unfortunately there's always one.
I'm sure someone will take you up on the offer and really appreciate what you're going to share with them.


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Thank You all for your comments except one!
I am still waiting for a response but live in hope that someone takes me up on it.
When I am dragging fallow this evening I will be wishing someone had!!!!


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Still no takers but I live in hope!
Have had offers of help from experienced stalkers and keepers etc but I am searching for a lad or pass that has a love of the countryside to whom I can pass on the baton.
It's a big ask I know but I remember how hard it was to get into when I was a lad


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There will be a someone decent out there with no real way in , who will be so grateful, keep at , hope its soon , 👍


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Hi all, I just wanted to thank you all for your input!
I have had several kind offers of help (you know who you are!) James and uptonogood which I appreciate more than I can say especially after some spiteful and hurtful initial posts from a now ex member of the site.
I am still looking for someone I can teach and pass on the baton when I have to stop and I have an idea that some of these wonderful offers of help come from people who could teach me a thing or two!! And to pass on what I have to a future stalker would give me peace of mind for our passion which is our beautiful countryside and its deer.
Thanks again all and I will keep you posted


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Hi everyone as some of you know I am getting on a bit now and not as fit as I was!
I am looking for a strong fit lad or lass who is keen on learning about the country side and deer.
Candidate would need to be somersebased ie close ish to langport or taunton.
Sort of tasks would be accompanying us on stalks some times with clients and on our own stalking land in somerset and hampshire. And helping with larder duties. And dragging etc.
There would be no pay involved but meals would be provided when needed.
Right Candidate would learn quite a bit as we have 40 years experience in deer management.
We offer our help in educating candidate for dsc1 and We will subsidise him her for no her dsc1 qualification.
Candidate will have mentored access to pigeon shooting, squirrel shooting, some duck flighting, and also learn much about nature,
And the chance of a shot at deer sometimes.

This is not a request to take advantage as we have a lot to offer the right person and one day we will have at least one more well adjusted countryman/woman.
We are all qualified level 2 and our associate is a qualified level one and two trainer and we are also accredited witnesses.
If anyone is interested please send a pm.
Hi Steve,
Very interested in this exciting opportunity, assuming you're still looking?
Could you send me a PM to discuss?
For some reason I'm unable to PM you.


Still looking!
Hi, I am 31 and keen to learn stalking from someone like yourself with lots of experience.
I live in North Dorset and am available to travel no problem also I am very flexible with times and availability.
If you could PM me as I was having trouble sending you a PM.
I look forward to your reply


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Its not as easy as one would think trying to find the right person.
I had a young lad working with me for about 3 years. He has now moved onto a full time job on a deer farm, with a house. I always have a few good friends to help me, and one in particular is now almost full time with me. Another close friend who had taken early retirement was helping and guiding, but he has now passed on. All very suddenly from the big C.

I am also thinking of taking on another trainee. I have yet to sort out the details, but it wont be full time. And there will be payment to an extent.

Jim 7

Well done grannysmith what a kind gesture. I think it's great putting that offer out there. Definitely need young people coming through. I'm 35 now and been stalking for nearly 5 years and just wish I had an opportunity like this. Wish you were closer to the north east or I'd even help you out. Wish more people were like yourself.


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I used to help a keeper for no pay. I got well fed at meal tes though.
But I was able to ride about on a quad. Could drive and reverse trailers long before a driving licence.
I learnt life skills. I also had all the fishing and shooting you could ever wish for.
I learnt life lessons that would still help me today 35yrs later.
I loved that way of life and I would do it again as a teenager if I had to pick life again. Knowledge is priceless.