Wanted: Escape from Inlaws!



I am visiting the 'Outlaws' in Edinburgh next week for 10 DAYS!!! The timing of the trip was not guaranteed so I was unable to book any stalking/shooting earlier. I am also awaiting delivery of my new rifle so am without a deer calibre ATM.

I would be extremely if anybody knows of any outings within an hour or so of Edinburgh that I might be able to join in with. Any quarry but I only have .22LR or .223. Obviously happy to pay etc etc. Second to that, as I am new to deer stalking I would love to be someones 'shadow' during a stalk so I can learn the ropes a bit, again happy to pay. My stalking in Essex is all highseat, some proper open ground would be nice to experience. Anything to get out the house really!!

Thanks in advance and please don't take this the wrong way of trying to get a freebie! If you don't ask..........



Ade C

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Joe Philp is a man who will work hard to find you a deer to shoot and will take it very personally if he can't!!

I've stalked with joe for a number of years now and i am always amazed at his input into his stalking.



Gents, thanks for the responses!! With a bit of luck I should be able to get out on a couple of occasions!! I will hopefully get out with Joe too but is towards end of week and allotted time is out of my control!!



MASSIVE thanks to westrawdanny and johnnyR for my stalks this week. Enjoyed every moment and nailed my first Roe Buck!!!

ill be back!!!!