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Having read the various specs they’re having a laugh with that salary. Qualified and experienced forestry machine operators are in demand due to the biomass demand (for those that don’t know, the wholesale price of the chip they’re burning has doubled in the last two years). These kind of guys can ask £30K a year and are getting it. I’ve heard that the FC has unfilled posts for foresters for the same reasons.


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Indeed it's a shame about the salary and I know a couple of friends who would have gone for it otherwise and been excellent. It is why so many of these roles in NGOs go to early retirees with a pension that can top up the wage.

Incidentally, for those of you who are old enough to remember the much missed Stalking Magazine you might remember a contributor called Mike Boxall (I'm 99% sure that was his name.) He was the warden on this reserve (the main one, Royden) and used to manage the deer there. I met him when I worked for the FC in the New Forest, very nice guy and an interesting reserve.


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good evening home loader ,hope you are well,just ignore riddick, he is a towny :cry:
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It's in my local paper now, if I could take 10 years of my 64 I would be filling in the form right now and I would work with home loader any day of the week he's one of the good guys.