Available: European brown bear and moose


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Hunt European brown bear and moose in the Ural mountains of Russia.
This is a true wilderness hunt in a hunting camp two hours drive into the forest. The hunt is conducted in a privately owned area of forest covering 364000 acres. You will be hunting 1 to 1 with the owner or one of his professional hunters. Bears are shot mainly in the oat fields at night from high seats but for the more adventurous they can be hunted with dogs. Moose can be hunted from high seats, stalking on foot or with dogs. There are also opportunities to hunt beaver and hare, or capercaillie and grouse with shotguns.

The camp is totally off grid with no cell phone reception and the accommodation is comfortable and warm and the food tasty and wholesome but do not expect 5 star accommodation and gourmet food as you are living with the hunters eating the same food as them in a totally remote location.

Prices based on 3 hunters.

Daily rate 100 Euro
Airport transfer ( 3 hours ) 100 Euro each way per hunter
Gun rental 100 Euro for 5 days
interpreter 75 euro per hunter
Russian visa paperwork 100 Euro
This includes all food and accommodation

Trophy Fees,
Bear by skull measurement,
up to 12cm 850 euro
12-13cm 1000 euro
13.1-14cm 1200 euro
14.1- 15cm 1400 euro
15.1-16cm 1600 euro
16.1-17cm 1800 euro
17.1-18cm 2000 euro
18 + 2000 euro plus 250 euro per cm

Moose by weight of head
up to 4.99kg 600 euro
5-5.99kg 650 euro
6-6.99kg 800 euro

7-7.99kg 1000 euro
8-8.99kg 1500 euro
9-9.99kg 1800 euro
10kg + 2000 euro plus 1 euro per gram over 10kg

Capercaillie 60 euro
grouse 130 euro
Hare 30 euro
Transport for hides to Moscow 100 euro
Taxidermy 200 euro per hide.
Cites permits at cost.


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He may have pm’d the answer of course, and added more info, had a good discussion and engaged directly with deerpath..... of course he may not, but not all discussions go on in plain sight.


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Can you clarify the skull measurements for bears please? I can’t work out what dimension is being measured as if it was length those measurements would make them tiny, 31.5cm-45.5cm is what Russian bear skulls average (according to google so taken with a pinch of salt) which would somewhat change the cost of a trip for bear!. Just after clarification if you wouldn’t mind. Also, what’s an average head weight for a decent size bull moose? How big to they get?


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I too am confused by the 12cm bear skulls. My terrier has a bigger head than that
Is there a package available that has no trophy fees, just an “all in” price ?


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There was meant to be a laughing face there but it hasn’t appeared on my post, just so you know, it was meant to be humorous.
However, I do think that most people would be a bit put off by a scoring/pricing system that they aren’t familiar with.


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This sort of hunt is just what I would love to do. However I would have serious reservations about booking as in my case I would be far too worried about the unknown cost.
I wonder how many bears would be seen in the 5 days. If game is numerous then that's great I could pass up a huge one or a massive bull moose, confident that we could see an affordable one tomorrow. However if as I suspect game is well spread out you could let the big ones walk and then come home empty handed. Just had a nice walk in a amazing place for €1000.
I understand that big old animals have a greater value as they are hard to find, but for those of us who have little idea of game density and how hunting in such environments actually takes place perhaps a little more information would help to increase confidence and results in bookings. I would be interested to read your thoughts on wether this could be less open ended regarding the costs. Thanks.


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You can set the maximum price you wish to go to and the hunter will take you to an area that has a bear of that size working the ground. If the hunter says to shoot a bear and it is bigger than you asked for then you will only pay for the size of bear you booked. The area is huge and has a huge density of game and we also have another area area a few hours north with an even bigger population of bears but the size is much smaller for anyone who wants to hunt with a better chance of harvesting a beast but wanting a smaller trophy. As with all hunts nothings certain but we offer a much better chance of a successful hunt than the majority of bear hunts. If you require more information PM me and I will ring you for a chat.


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There was meant to be a laughing face there but it hasn’t appeared on my post, just so you know, it was meant to be humorous.
However, I do think that most people would be a bit put off by a scoring/pricing system that they aren’t familiar with.
I can arrange a fixed price package for a hunt if anybody requires one all I need to know is what game they want to take and what size trophies they are looking for. I am happy to talk to anybody on the telephone and discuss the details if they pm me their number.


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One of my bucket list hunts is for Siberian Roe, do you have contacts or can you arrange these hunts in season?

I have also been aware of two groups of hunters that went to Russia and although trophies were taken they got royally stitched up in terms of the hunting they were promised and what was delivered and also the costs were added to for things not made clear at the start of proceedings.

I am in no doubt that hunting in Russia can be and is an amazing experience but can you guarantee once the hunters are on the ground miles from anywhere and among strangers who speak a very different language they will not get shafted?

I mean no slur on you or the hunting you offer but I hope you can understand mine and likely several others here are very suspicious about committing to a hunt in a place that has a reputation for not being straightforward.
I can understand people's reticence to hunt if they think they may be ripped off but the hunter that I deal with is a very honest guy and I ask for 50% of the daily rate as a deposit and the rest is paid after the hunt has finished and has been discussed with the hunter and the outfitter through the interpreter. If anybody has any real concerns I can arrange payment by myself after the hunter returns home if they disagree with the pricing and they can then sort out the problem with myself so that there are no language problems.
There are areas not far away that have excellent hunting for siberian roe. And I can arrange a quote on request for a stand alone hunt or as an add on to a moose or bear hunt. I am also more than happy to pass on the name of references that will vouch for the integrity of the outfitter.
Hi, you pay for the size of the trophy that you shoot wether you keep it or not. A better way to go if you want just the experience and photos is to opt for just a spiker up to 4 kg which is 600 pounds. Unfortunately that is the minimum price as it just about covers the costs for diesel, wear and tear hunters wages etc. Depending on how many would want a trip like this I may be able to organise a trip for immature bulls or cows at a reduced price if there is a call for it. Bears would be 850 euros at a minimum even if you do not want to keep the trophy. If you would like a chat about the options please PM me your number and I will ring you.