European tracking associations


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Seeing as how I am unable to get out with my dog while she has her pups, I am looking to do a bit of further reading on different tracking systems, tests, methods etc used on the continent.

With this in mind, I would be grateful if anyone who is either a member of one of these groups or knows the relevant details could post a web link to the association / society so I can peruse their articles and forums.

Pros and cons of each are of course welcomed but please don't turn this into a bum fight over which system is best, people can make their own minds up about which they prefer.




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Blue touch paper comes to mind !!!!!!
I think you might have to get the marigolds on and give your dog a hand.


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Yeah, I know that's why I mentioned not turning it into the usual, everyone's welcome to their own opinion/s.
I'm just looking for some ideas to try when the litter is gone, give her something else to try.


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Hi David!
I really hope, this thread stays the way it started....
For me, as a bloodhound holder here in Germany, who has worked different dogs of different breeds only (first advice!) on wounded game as deer and boar, its not a matter of the breed.
Its mainly about the training and tests you do, to secure a good performance of your team (second advice) when needed.
So, the requirements, with of course some differences and variaties from breed to breed and club to club should be something like the ability

to follow a track, laid with scent shoes and claws from deer or boar, which is about 20 hours + old
which holds less or about than 100 ml on blood from the animal you took the claws from
which presents a total length of about 1000 meters
which hit all kind of terrain,
which made some angle or turns
which has a period without any blood to point out.

You should know, how to train your dog for some test like this, here are a lot of experts and threads about this theme, so it should be easy for you to get some ideas. If need helped: Email me by pm, and I will try my best....
If german links do help, check for the tests standards here:

Prüfungsordnung SSH


Hirschmann | Schweißhundführung

Sorry, all in German....

I wish you the best on training and working your dog!


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Ref wildboar 1973s post if you go to thoswe websites and then copy/paste the text into google translate that would be a good start. I use this method when I have complex German letters to write then I can edit them to suit myself (it is a good tool).


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Thank you.
​I used to live in Nijmegen, lovely place.

I think so too !

On topic I would like to add that on the site i posted earlier there is a list af qualified doghandlers who get reviewed every year. The police, AAservices, RAC and Road Administration have the same list and if there is a accident related with animals like deer, wild boar etc.. they give a call to the doghandler on duty. He comes then and tries to find and dispatch the injured animal. Therefore each doghandler on the list is allowed by the authoreties to carry a rifle in for instance public areas or private woods. Also he gets payed a small amount of money for his work (and the dogs). Works great !