Evening in a high seat


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Nice one greg looks like you have landed some nice ground mate plenty roe.Its been cold here also not great weather for the seat.


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Thanks Dave, plenty of roe, but shorter season does ends 15/01 and bucks not starting till 11/05... long wait...


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Hi Greg
Thanks for the Video, I always enjoy watching them.
Good shooting, especially with that temperature.


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I absolutely adore your videos. Consistently high quality and I will never tire of watching them.

You clearly take as much care and thought over your film making as you do with your stalking; you come across in harmony with nature, always safe shot placement and I like your last-bite ritual. Great educational value too. It's something to aspire to.

Send me your address and I'll treat you to some thermal underpants by way of a thank you. :D


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Thanks a lot for your kind comments. I quite enjoy filming part almost as much as stalking itself. I think I cant remember when was the last time I pulled the trigger when I knew I could not get the footage too. It is quite addictive.
Thanks for the offer pob, I do have some thermals, the problem is 90% of the times I stalk and dont really get cold, it is when I decide to spend some time in a high seat I dont always remember to dress up accordingly... :doh: