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Evening all

I've just been told that I need to introduce myself which is a tad embarrassing on a deer forum when you've never actually shot one...

although in my defence I wasn't actually born into a shooting family so I've had to find my way into the sport myself which isn't particularly easy as a young shot. Either way I've progressed from splatting rats with a low powered air rifle up to a shotgun cert when I was 13 and FAC a couple of years later. I'm mad keen on pigeon shooting, lamping rabbits ferreting and anything fieldsports related really.

So thought I'd join this forum to soak up a bit of knowledge on the deer stalking side which is something I don't know all that much about. Although it is something that is like to get involved in sooner or later.

So there you go that's me
Welcome to the forum mate, there certainly is a lot of information for you to read on here. Have you got any calibres suitable for deerstalking or is that something you'll be doing in the future?