Events in Ireland (no deer)


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While on a fishing trip in Ireland I came across the Irish Shooters Digest. I spent several pleasant and relaxing half hours reading various issues while waiting for our evening meal to be served. It was during one of these periods I noticed the cover of the May 2012 issue where at the bottom of the cover page were the words.

“Governments attitude towards shooting and hunting folk” :eek:

Now this gave me some cause for thought.

A few days later while walking round Dublin I came across a small crowd around Mellowes Bridge looking down into the River Liffey. Being rather safety conscious what took my eye was two people on the bridge with handguns pointing at someone on the far bank, who then proceeded to fire a volley of shots.

Putting two and two together I assumed that the Government’s attitude must be pretty liberal.

Further research revealed that the government’s attitude towards the shooting and hunting community was quite positive and to be encouraged and the events in Dublin was the filming of an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys.