example of trick to help remember deer seasons


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Some time ago I was sent by someone from SD a little poem type aide de memoirs fir remembering English deer seasons. It started tome thing like

all the big boys are Alcoholics Anonyomus....

if if possibke can who ever sent it re- send please.

it was really useful and I have a friend who needs it...

needless ss ti say it seems to have disappeared



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Can't help you with that one, but here's a trick for remembering the lymph nodes:

'Stalking Roe Bucks makes People Mad'


Not mine, I'm sure I read it on here somewhere :thumb:


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This was posted a while back on the forum, can't remember who by

You take the big Scottish girls out at 21.15 (cos you don't want to spend too much money on them) - 21st Oct to 15th Feb
Most calves are born May-June, last years are kicked out in April before the new ones are born and you count last years intake in March before they get kicked out. So there you have March, April, May, June.
Big stags cast before the calves are born so they don't hurt the babies with their big antlers (not true but a way to remember it)
​English dates are always beginning of month to end of month.

highland stalker

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Big males are Alcoholics Anonymous - August to April
Big females are Next Meeting - November to march

Thanks to Andy at Stalking school for teaching me that one.