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I've owned a Mauser MO3 in the Extreme version for just over 3 years now. A fantastic weapon, I really like it.
It was bought new from Forest Lodge Guns at Wragby, Lincs.
An issue occurred recently whereby I had to return it to Mauser UK. I had full support from Matt at Forest Lodge, who took up my issue with Mauser.
Once he'd seen the weapon, Robert at Mauser spoke to me about the issue, and discussed it with Matt.
Mauser UK then promptly sent out a new replacement stock and action allowing me to bolt on the old barrel and scope, re zero and carry on.
I had cynically expected some large degree of avoidance tactics by Mauser UK, but this was not the case.
Well done Robert and Mauser- and well done Matt at Forest Lodge Guns for supporting me.

You do really get what you pay for.
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