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Less of the rambling group stuff Tika boy :eek: :D You would of missed it even if we did see anything :eek: :eek: :D :D
Hi smithy :D Im just editing a good pic that you took mate at the CLA ;)
Say hi to your good lady mate :D Think she will like the pics when i post it up :D


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Whats all this about rambling then Nick. With those hairy knees of yours its quite a sight to see :eek:

I though you only rambled after about 6 pints of Hurlimans and a couple of whisky chasers :lol: :lol:

I can see you now with your knotted hanky on your head, fair isle sweater and your knapsack on your back :lol: :lol: Dont come up to Scotland dresssed like that, you know what happens to hill walkers when they ruin a stalk on the hill :eek:


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Smithy mate,
Dont worry i will keep the pics in order my friend :D Well the ones i post up on here anyway :eek: :D :D Im doing fine thanks matey, :D
Well malcolm,
i think you really need to blame andy for starting the rambling club thingy :eek: Andy arrived at mine nice & early sat morning as planned, i was a little worst for wear ( I had a dodgy pint the night before) Think it was that last 1 i had :eek: Anyway we set off to my 1st patch, only small with lots of new plantation on it & an old disused railway, ( AND A FEW FOOTPATHS) ;) Some good muntjac have come off here. Anyway mate we walked around looking down the rows of trees & hedge lines & not a bloody thing to be seen apart from slot marks here & there :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Still feeling a tad ruff we decided to go over to the other ground about a mile down the road, 600acres with roe & muntjac in and around the wooded areas :D But not on this morning :eek: Again not a sign of life form anywhere to be seen, no deer no foxes, no bloody nothing & then just as we reached the far wooded area thats a great grazing point for roe & a perfect morning with a little haze & freshly cut field andy spotted it :!: A bloody labrador trotting down the FOOTPATH that runs along the edge of the field :mad: :mad: Thats it i give up now :rolleyes:
Well andy its time to lock the rifle away for good, Swap your hunting boots for some walking boots, shed the realtree for a kagool & carry a map instead of the shooting sticks mate :( I give up, your a jinx buddy :D :D
Well as andy said, its good to just get out for a WALK around :D