Expanding bullets no longer section 5, as of May 2nd.


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So as of tomorrow - May 2nd 2017, expanding bullets for loading are no longer classed as section 5 and can now legally be sent in the post to a home address from a dealer or from another person.

As they are now inert, then they do not have to be written on your license and they do not count towards your limit? Much like an FMJ or target hollow point is treated/

This same law change would also surely mean that you do not need ''expanding ammunition'' condition on your license to make up expanding rounds or to buy expanding factory ammunition, they would simply be section 1.

However expanding pistol bullets/ammo is exempt from this and still needs that condition, due to ''EU regulations''....

There are also changes to law in whom can lend firearms (simplified), the changing of the standard of deactivation of firearms and other topics.

Now how individual forces and individual RFD's treat this, I do not know! However I do know that this is now the law.

This is Part 6 of the Policing and Crime Act 2017, found below

I k ow a lot of people have spoken to RFD's and what they'll do but has there been anyone who has confirmed with the likes of Henry Kranks, SGC, Reloading Solutions etc if they'll post from tomorrow?
I've spoken to a couple of RFD's regarding them posting expanding heads and they've pretty much all come back with the same answer and that is they will be waiting for written confirmation from the home office and as soon as they have it they will be posting.!!
so wait and see I suppose