Wanted: Experience in Wiltshire or Scottish Borders


Hi all, bit of a random one here but I am looking for some help, would any one in the Wiltshire or Scottish Border regions like some company when out stalking.

I have been shooting for a good few years but only ever with my dad in the borders and only for roe deer and I am looking for some more experience from other stalkers out there as I enjoy the whole deer management life, also looking into doing my DSC1 next year.

I don't necessary want to shoot as I have yet to get my own FAC just want to see how others go about it and hopefully pick up some new tips, this is not just limited to deer stalking either as I enjoy vermin control also, I am fully insured with BASC.

I am on a tight budget so wouldn't be able to pay but I more than happy to help any one who my need it, I am a dab hand at building high-seats, and grew up in the game keeping world as my dad was a keeper and I also took over his job for a short time before joining the army.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

​Thanks Mark.